6 ways the new maxon website enhances your experience


maxon develops drives that are among the best in the world. We advance technologies that save lives on Earth, make driving and flying safer, and enable the use of robots in space. Where uncompromising precision and the highest quality standards are crucial for success, our drive systems show what they are made of.


Complexity is not a foreign concept for maxon, but rather part of our daily business. Our commitment to quality, precision, and the best service also applies to our website, we continuously optimize it for user-friendliness. 


Analysis comes first

As with the development of a new maxon precision drive, a comprehensive requirement analysis was also completed at the beginning of this project. We knew we needed to understand the needs of users today and in the future, and the different user behaviors around the globe to create a tailored customer experience. Our first step was to better understand the technical requirements, the entire customer journey and the technical environment. This was done through internal and external customer interviews and focus groups.


Prototypes, tests, and configurations lead to results

Based on our analysis, a new digital communication architecture was created that meets all requirements: our strategic goals, the high complexity of our broad product portfolio, as well as the market- and country-specific behaviors and needs of our customers.


We have restructured our Business Unit (Medical Technology, Industrial Automation, Mobility Solutions, and Aerospace) pages as well as the products and the maxon Group information. 


In total, over 4,000 new content pages were created – the new site is secured according to the latest standards, SEO-optimized, responsive, and barrier-free.


6 things we improved:


#1 Improved user experience

The entire maxon site has been optimized for an enhanced user experience. Thanks to new, simple navigation, all industry-specific content and products can be found with just a few clicks.


#2 Redesigned product section

With numerous product recommendations, and clear comparison tables, the path to selecting the perfect drive solution for our customers has been shortened.


#3 Faster access to the right contact person

Our direct contact channels for Europe, Asia, and North America have been expanded and optimized so that our experts can quickly and efficiently respond to all inquiries.


#4 Improved customer support

Whether it's a plug-and-play solution from COTS products or support for a highly specific development, we are always a reliable point of contact for our customers. All contacts have been consolidated onto one page.


#5 A hub for all information

To provide a better overview of maxon’s drive expertise in various markets, we have seamlessly integrated the most exciting application stories from our blog and all industry news into the new site.


#6 Select. Configure. Order

All functions of our current online shop are integrated into the new website, allowing our customers to easily assemble a customized drive from over 6,000 components.

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