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    6 ways the new maxon website enhances your experience

    Complexity is not a foreign concept for maxon, but rather part of our daily business. And because our commitment to quality, precision, and the best service also applies to our website, we continuously optimize user-friendliness. In this story, you will read how we proceeded in the development of the new website.
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  • Particle_accelerator_1maxon Story

    Vacuum compatible maxon motors for extreme conditions.

    maxon motor spent several months working alongside Instrument Design Technology (IDT) to customize a small, brushless motor to perform in the extreme vacuum conditions of the synchrotron. This article highlights the challenges in the design.
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  • AlfaPump-15_dunkelmaxon Story

    Efficient pump system for improved quality of life.

    Implantable pump systems are used to treat many medical conditions – including ascites. Se-vere disorders are frequently the cause for this symptom. To control the fluid that has collected in the abdomen, Sequana Medical has developed an active implant. In these devices, maxon EC motors are responsible for trouble-free running and smooth pump motion.
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  • Ibass_2012_PI_Tube_03_Meerwassermanipulator_im_Rohr_16x24maxon Story

    Underwater inspection on twelve wheels.

    Inspecting flooded pipes of power plants requires skilled, high-precision handling. And the robotic vehicles have to be optimized accordingly, for example to dive 20 m deep. The new seawater manipulator is capable of maneuvering underwater in pipes, where it can be used to perform inspections. RE motors by maxon motor are responsible for the dynamic drive of the robot.
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    When all other materials fail.

    All over the world, maxon is renowned for its high-precision drives. But not many people know that the company has its own injection molding department for ceramics and metals. It not only produces ceramic spindles, but also special parts for watchmakers and the music industry. Ceramic is an excellent material for reinforcing gearheads. That’s why maxon founded its own powder injection molding department 20 years ago. Today, some of the ceramic parts produced there are even used to enhance music lovers’ listening experience.
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  • YPU_PRO_handlingmaxon Story

    Reliability is everything

    Medical technology is a key market for maxon. Many of our drives are used in insulin pumps. What exactly do our motors do in these devices? To find out, we went to visit Ypsomed, a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps.
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    Using laser to reach perfection

    Where machining reaches its limits, laser steps up to the plate. At its production site in Sexau, Germany, maxon has decided to invest in a laser machine for machining components. High-precision components made of technical ceramics and any other material now find their way to the customer faster and perfect the drives for which maxon is known.
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  • Expert blog

    Dual Loop Control: No more Gear Backlash.

    Can loads be positioned dynamically, with high precision and no oscillation, despite mechanical backlash and elastic components? Yes — using an intelligent system.
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  • iStock-511732538_surgical_robotExpert blog

    EPOS4 Truly micro!

    Robotic, analysis, and handling systems demand compact integration of a large number of energy-efficient compact drives, combined with highly dynamic controllers and a networked bus system. maxon is up to the challenge.
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