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maxon EC-i 30: powerful & cost-effective.

Template DriveTech 1500x1000 ECi 30Template DriveTech 1500x1000 ECi 30

The EC-i 30 is now part of the MDP range.

maxon's EC-i 30 is a brushless DC motor (BLDC). With a diameter of 30 millimeters, it is smaller than the EC-i 40 models. Like its predecessors, this motor stands out for its high dynamics, low cogging, and high torque. It is available in two lengths, each in a Standard and a High Torque version, with a maximum nominal torque of up to 110 mNm at 75 W.

You can find the EC-i 30 in the MDP 48H catalog.

ECi 30 maxon 1500x1000

Explore a selection of EC-i 30 motors and geared motors, available in our MDP e-shop (from top to bottom):
EC-i30HT * 24V
EC-i30HT/PM32 * 24V/*0398

Many possible combinations

Despite their impressive performance, EC-i 30 DC motors are a cost-effective alternative to existing drives. Because of this and their compact design, they are especially suitable for hand-held devices and applications in robotics.

In all versions, the EC-i 30 motors can be expanded with encoders, gearheads, servo controllers, or positioning controllers from maxon. This configuration is done quickly and easily with the maxon Configurator.

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