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10 reasons to choose the MDP range.

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For more than 35 years, maxon France and its MDP range have been helping customers to find motorized solutions and standard accessories, working together to develop intelligent motion for their applications. Online technical advisors, e-shops, 48-hour delivery, a stock of 40,000 items: the S48 service is the best choice for all your projects requiring custom advice and express delivery.

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The 10 key advantages of the MDP range:

  1. A technician available online to answer your technical questions and to help you to work out your requirements. This provides every customer with their own contact person.
  2. An immediate response within 24 hours at the latest to clarify your specifications.
  3. Solutions using standard products available and delivered to you within 48 hours.
  4. A stock of 40,000 possible combinations assembled on site in our dedicated mechatronic production workshop. Motors, gear motors, printed circuit boards, PLCs, power supply units: explore the catalog of the 48H range.
  5. Technology commitment: From the moment when we offer you a complete technical solution (motor, gearhead, electronics, power supply, etc.), we are committed to making it work for your application. If it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing board and offer you another solution.
  6. Technical support: To make it easier to install your solution and to configure it, our technical support is there to help you.
  7. Integrated design department: If your projects go beyond the scope of a standard product, we create designs and customized prototypes to support the progress of your project and your company.
  8. Committed quality control: Our ISO 9001 v2015 process puts service and the customer’s needs at the heart of our organization. Our regular and exacting audits certify that all of our processes comply with the expectations of the standard.
  9. “We never abandon a customer.” This is one of the mottos of our customer service. Read the interview with Jean-Marc Bunand – head of customer relations at maxon France
  10. Our goal: 100% customer satisfaction.
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Our motorization experts are at your service to work with you to develop your project.

From Monday to Friday by telephone at +33 (0)4 72 019 019 and by email:

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