Encoder HEDL 5540, 500 CPT, 3 Channels, with Line Driver RS 422

Part number 110516

Encoder HEDL 5540, 500 CPT, 3 Channels, with Line Driver RS 422
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Technical illustrations

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General information
Counts per turn 500
Number of channels 3
Line Driver DS26LS31
Max. mechanical speed 12000 rpm
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Technical Data
Supply voltage Vcc 5.0V ± 10.0%
Driver used logic EIA RS 422
Max. angular acceleration 250000 rad / s²
Output current per channel -20...20 mA
Signal rise time 180 ns
Measurement condition for signal rise time CL=25pF, RL=2.7kOhm,
Signal fall time 40 ns
Measurement condition for signal fall time CL=25pF, RL=2.7kOhm,
Phase shift 90 °e
Phase shift, inaccuracy 45 °e
Index synchronized to AB Yes
Max. moment of inertia of code wheel 0.6 gcm²
Operating temperature -40...+100 °C
Orientation of encoder output to motor flange -1 °
Weight 1 g


High precision encoders, DC tachometers and resolvers with a high signal resolution are mounted exclusively on motors with through shafts for resonance reasons. The assembly requires adjustment to the motors and may only be done in the delivery plant.