EC frameless 90 flat, brushless, 260 W

Part number 542099

EC frameless 90 flat, brushless, 260 W

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Technical illustrations

Information: Drawings are not to scale.

Values at nominal voltage
Nominal voltage 30 V
No load speed 2080 rpm
No load current 490 mA
Nominal speed 1770 rpm
Nominal torque (max. continuous torque) 988 mNm
Nominal current (max. continuous current) 7.06 A
Stall torque 14100 mNm
Stall current 103 A
Max. efficiency 87 %
Terminal resistance 0.29 Ω
Terminal inductance 0.369 mH
Torque constant 136 mNm/A
Speed constant 70.2 rpm/V
Speed / torque gradient 0.15 rpm/mNm
Mechanical time constant 8.32 ms
Rotor inertia 5300 gcm²
Thermal data
Thermal resistance housing-ambient 1.74 K/W
Thermal resistance winding-housing 1.82 K/W
Thermal time constant winding 57 s
Thermal time constant motor 258 s
Ambient temperature -40...+100 °C
Max. winding temperature +125 °C
Mechanical data
Bearing type keine
Max. speed 5000 rpm
Axial play -1 mm, at radial load < 0 N
-1 mm, at radial load > 0 N
Max. axial load (dynamic) 0 N
Max. force for press fits (static) 0 N
(static, shaft supported) 0 N
Max. radial load 0 N, 10 mm from flange
Other specifications
Number of pole pairs 11
Number of phases 3
Number of autoclave cycles 0
Weight 814 g
  • Operating Range

    Continuous operation range
    Short term operation range


The EC frameless motors are BLDC motor kits. Rotor and stator are delivered separately, without bearings and motor shaft, and connected only during assembly. The flat design, the high torques and plenty of space for cable glands allow a high level of integration into your application.