EC 60 flat Ø60 mm, brushless, 200 W, with Hall sensors and cables | ventilated

Part number 642221

EC 60 flat Ø60 mm, brushless, 200 W, with Hall sensors and cables
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Technical illustrations

Values at nominal voltage
Nominal voltage 24 V
No load speed 4300 rpm
No load current 497 mA
Nominal speed 3240 rpm
Nominal torque (max. continuous torque) 536 mNm
Nominal current (max. continuous current) 9.28 A
Stall torque 4300 mNm
Stall current 81.9 A
Max. efficiency 85 %
Terminal resistance 0.293 Ω
Terminal inductance 0.279 mH
Torque constant 52.5 mNm/A
Speed constant 182 rpm/V
Speed / torque gradient 1.01 rpm/mNm
Mechanical time constant 8.83 ms
Rotor inertia 832 gcm²
Thermal data
Thermal resistance housing-ambient 1.22 K/W
Thermal resistance winding-housing 0.843 K/W
Thermal time constant winding 9.19 s
Thermal time constant motor 44 s
Ambient temperature -40...+100 °C
Max. winding temperature +125 °C
Mechanical data
Bearing type ball bearings
Max. speed 6000 rpm
Axial play 0 mm, at radial load < 15 N
0.14 mm, at radial load > 15 N
Max. axial load (dynamic) 12 N
Max. force for press fits (static) 170 N
(static, shaft supported) 8000 N
Max. radial load 112 N, 5 mm from flange
Other specifications
Number of pole pairs 7
Number of phases 3
Number of autoclave cycles 0
Weight 375 g


The flat design of the brushless EC flat motors makes them the perfect solution for many applications. The thought-through, simple design makes it possible to largely automate the manufacturing—this is reflected by the economical price.

The fan wheel provides active cooling during operation, which permits very high continuous torques.