A-max 16 Ø16 mm, Graphite Brushes, 2 Watt, with terminals

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A-max 16 Ø16 mm, Graphite Brushes, 2 Watt, with terminals
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Technical illustrations

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Values at nominal voltage
Nominal voltage 30 V
No load speed 10500 rpm
No load current 15 mA
Nominal speed 4180 rpm
Nominal torque (max. continuous torque) 2.24 mNm
Nominal current (max. continuous current) 0.105 A
Stall torque 4.04 mNm
Stall current 0.164 A
Max. efficiency 48 %
Terminal resistance 183 Ω
Terminal inductance 6.01 mH
Torque constant 24.7 mNm/A
Speed constant 387 rpm/V
Speed / torque gradient 2880 rpm/mNm
Mechanical time constant 23.9 ms
Rotor inertia 0.793 gcm²
Thermal data
Thermal resistance housing-ambient 29.8 K/W
Thermal resistance winding-housing 5.5 K/W
Thermal time constant winding 3.21 s
Thermal time constant motor 165 s
Ambient temperature -30...+85 °C
Max. winding temperature +125 °C
Mechanical data
Bearing type sleeve bearing
Max. speed 11900 rpm
Axial play 0.05 - 0.15 mm
Radial play 0.012 mm
Max. axial load (dynamic) 0.8 N
Max. force for press fits (static) 35 N
(static, shaft supported) 0 N
Max. radial load 1.4 N, 5 mm from flange
Other specifications
Number of pole pairs 1
Number of commutator segments 7
Number of autoclave cycles 0
Weight 21 g
  • Operating Range

    Continuous operation range
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maxon A-max motors are an innovative range of high-quality DC motors, equipped with powerful AlNiCo permanent magnets. The “heart” of our motors is the ironless maxon winding, that has been tested millions of times over. This is the latest technology for compact, powerful and low-inertia drives.