Planetary Gearhead GP 26 A Ø26 mm, 0.75–4.5 Nm

Part number 406764

Planetary Gearhead GP 26 A Ø26 mm, 0.75–4.5 Nm
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Gears can be purchased only as a component of a combination.


Technical illustrations

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General information
Gearhead type GP
Outer diameter 26 mm
Version Standard version
Gearhead Data
Reduction 27 : 1
Absolute reduction 3249/121
Max. motor shaft diameter 3 mm
Number of stages 2
Max. continuous torque 2.25 Nm
Max. intermittent torque 3.2 Nm
Direction of rotation, drive to output =
Max. efficiency 80 %
Average backlash no load 0.7 °
Mass inertia 0.54 gcm²
Gearhead length (L1) 32.9 mm
Max. transmittable power (continuous) 35 W
Max. transmittable power (intermittent) 52.5 W
Technical Data
Radial play max. 0.1 mm, 5 mm from flange
Axial play 0 - 0.4 mm
Max. radial load 110 N, 12 mm from flange
Max. force for press fits 120 N
Max. continuous input speed 8000 rpm
Max. intermittent input speed 12000 rpm
Recommended temperature range -30...+100 °C
Number of autoclave cycles 0
Weight 77 g


Precision spur- and planetary gearheads matched to maxon motors. Gears are advantageously adapted directly to the desired motors in the delivery plant. The motor pinion is the input gearweel for the first stage and is rigidly affixed to the motor shaft.