EPOS4 Disk 60/8 EtherCAT, digital positioning controller, 8 A, 12 - 60 VDC

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EPOS4 Disk 60/8 EtherCAT, digital positioning controller, 8 A, 12 - 60 VDC
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Weight 26 g
DC motors up to 480 W
EC motors up to 480 W
Without sensor (DC motors) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (2-channel, single-ended) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (2-channel, differential) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (3-channel, differential) Yes
Digital Hall sensors (EC Motors) Yes
Absolute encoder (SSI) Yes
Operating modes
Current controller Yes (Torque)
Speed controller (closed loop) Yes
Position controller Yes
Electrical data
Operating voltage Vcc (min.) 12 V
Operating voltage Vcc (max.) 60 V
Logic supply voltage Vc (min.) optional 12 V
Logic supply voltage Vc (max.) optional 60 V
Max. output voltage (factor * Vcc) 0.9
Max. output current Imax 24 A
Max. time of peak output current Imax 10 s
Continuous output current Icont 8 A
PWM clock frequency of power stage 50 kHz
Sampling rate PI current controller 25 kHz
Sampling rate PI speed controller 2.5 kHz
Sampling rate PID positioning controller 2.5 kHz
Max. efficiency 98 %
Max. speed (DC) 100000 rpm
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) block commutation 100000 rpm
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) sinusoidal commutation 50000 rpm
Hall sensor signals H1, H2, H3
Encoder signals A, A\, B, B\, I, I\
Max. encoder input frequency 6.2 MHz
Sensor signals Clock, Clock\, Data, Data\
Digital inputs 5
Functionality of digital inputs limit switch, reference switch, general purpose, touch probe
Analog inputs 2
Resolution, range, circuit 12-bit, -10…+10V, differential
Functionality of analog inputs General Purpose, Set Value Current, Set Value Velocity
DIP switch 6
Functionality of the DIP switch CAN Node-ID, Autobitrate, CAN-Bus Abschluss
Digital outputs 4
Functionality of digital outputs holding brake, general purpose
Analog outputs 1
Resolution, range 12-bit, -4…+4V
Functionality of analog outputs General Purpose
Voltage outputs
Hall sensor supply voltage see "Sensor supply voltage
Encoder supply voltage see "Sensor supply voltage
Sensor supply voltage +5 VDC, max. 100 mA
Auxiliary output voltage +5 VDC, max. 150 mA
USB 2.0 (full speed) yes
EtherCAT IEC 61158 Type 12 Slave
CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT) CiA 402
FoE (File transfer over EtherCAT) yes
Distributed Clocks Support Yes
Variable PDO mapping Yes
Status indicator "Ready" green LED
Status indicator "Error" red LED
Status indicator of communication interface green LED
Protective functions
Protective functions current limit, overcurrent, excess temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage transients, short-circuits in the motor cable, loss of feedback signal
Ambient conditions
Temperature – Operation (min.) -30 °C
Temperature – Operation (max.) 35 °C
Temperature – Extended Range +35…+65 °C, Derating: -0.267 A/°C
Temperature – Storage (min.) -40 °C
Temperature – Storage (max.) 85 °C
Humidity (non-condensing) (min.) 5 %
Humidity (non-condensing) (max.) 90 %
Mechanical data
Weight 26 g
Dimension (length) 60 mm
Dimension (width) 60 mm
Dimension (height) 22 mm
Mounting mounting holes for M2 screws
Installation program EPOS Setup
Graphical User Interface EPOS Studio
Operating system Windows 10, 8, 7
Windows DLL for PC 32-/64-bit
Programming examples MS Visual C#, MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, MS Visual Basic.NET, Borland C++, Borland Delphi, NI LabView, NI LabWindows/CVI
Linux Shared Object Library X86 32-/64-bit, ARMv6/v7/v8 32-bit, ARMv8 64-bit
CAN Interfaces IXXAT, Vector, National Instruments, Kvaser
Programming example C++
CANopen Profile Position Mode Yes
CANopen Profile Velocity Mode Yes
CANopen Homing Mode Yes
CANopen Cyclic Synchronuous Position Yes
CANopen Cyclic Synchronuous Velocity Yes
CANopen Cyclic Synchronuous Torque Yes
Analog set value Yes
Position Control Feed Forward Yes
Velocity Control (Feed Forward) Yes
Dual loop position and velocity control Yes
Position Marker / Touch Probe Yes
Quickstop Yes
Enable Yes
Control of holding brakes Yes


El EPOS4 Disk 60/8 EtherCAT es un dinámico controlador digital de posición listo para su conexión, con forma redonda y orificio central para pasos de cable y conectores montados en ambos lados. Es adecuado para el control de un motor DC con escobillas y encoder, o un motor EC brushless (BLDC) con sensores Hall y encoder hasta 480 W/1440 W.