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ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S, 4-Q Servocontroller for sensorless EC motors, 4/12 A, 10-50 VDC

Part number 446925


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The ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S is a small-sized, powerful 4-quadrant PWM OEM servo controller for the highly efficient control of permanent magnet-activated brushless, sensorless EC motors without Hall sensors up to approximately 200 Watts.


Weight 11 g
EC motors up to 200 W
Sensorless (EC motors) Yes
Operating modes
Speed controller (open loop) Yes
Speed controller (closed loop) Yes
Electrical data
Operating voltage Vcc (min.) 10 V
Operating voltage Vcc (max.) 50 V
Max. output voltage (factor * Vcc) 0.96
Max. output current Imax 12 A
Max. time of peak output current Imax 30 s
Continuous output current Icont 4 A
PWM clock frequency of power stage 53.6 kHz
Sampling rate PI speed controller 5.36 kHz
Max. efficiency 97 %
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) block commutation 120000 rpm
Digital inputs 2
Functionality of digital inputs Enable, enable CW, enable CCW, enable CW+CCW, enable + direction of rotation, stop, PWM set value, RC Servo set value, fixed set value
Analog inputs 2
Resolution, range, circuit 12-bit, -10…+10V, differential
Functionality of analog inputs Set value, current limit, offset, speed ramp
Potentiometers 1
Functionality of the potentiometers set value, current limit, offset, speed ramp, gain, IxR factor
Digital outputs 2
Functionality of digital outputs ready, speed comparator, current comparator, commutation frequency
Analog outputs 2
Resolution, range 12-bit, -4…+4V
Functionality of analog outputs current monitor,speed monitor, temperature, fixed value
Voltage outputs
Auxiliary output voltage +5 VDC, max. 110 mA
USB 2.0 (full speed) Yes
Status indicator "Ready" green LED
Status indicator "Error" red LED
Protective functions
Protective functions current limit, start-up failure, overcurrent, excess temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage transients, short-circuits in the motor cable
Ambient conditions
Temperature – Operation (min.) -30 °C
Temperature – Operation (max.) 45 °C
Temperature – Extended Range +45…+65°C, Derating: -0.2 A/°C
Temperature – Storage (min.) -40 °C
Temperature – Storage (max.) 85 °C
Humidity (non-condensing) (min.) 5 %
Humidity (non-condensing) (max.) 90 %
Mechanical data
Weight 11 g
Dimension (length) 43.2 mm
Dimension (width) 31.8 mm
Dimension (height) 12.7 mm
Mounting mountable on socket terminal strips pitch 2.54 mm
Installation program ESCON Setup
Graphical User Interface ESCON Studio
Operating system Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP SP3





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