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IDX 56 L, □56 mm, brushless, with integrated electronics, EtherCAT | Drive with positioning/speed controller

IDX 56 L, □56 mm, brushless, with integrated electronics, EtherCAT
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Technical illustrations

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Drive data
Nominal power supply voltage 48 V
Nominal speed 3500 rpm
Nominal torque @25°C (max. continuous torque) 828 mNm
Nominal torque @40°C (max. continuous torque) 690 mNm
Nominal supply current @25°C 6.8 A
Nominal supply current @40°C 6.03 A
Maximum speed at nominal voltage 4915 rpm
Maximum permissible drive speed 5000 rpm
Maximum torque (short-time) 1.997 Nm
Maximum supply current (short-time) 24 A
Rotor inertia 265 gcm²
Nominal supply voltage +Vcc 12...48 V
Run-up time to maximum speed 6.9 ms
Protection class IP 65
Commanding EtherCAT
Functionality Positioning-Control
Mechanical data
Axial play to 0.14 mm
Preload 15 N
Direction of force Zug
Max. axial load (dynamic) 12 N
Max. radial load, 12.5 mm from flange 110 N
Weight of the drive 1445 g


maxon IDX drives consist of an EC-i motor, a magnetic absolute encoder (single-turn), and an EPOS4 positioning controller with integrated field-oriented control (FOC). The high-quality design complies with IP65 protection; only the output shaft needs to be sealed by the customer. The integrated temperature sensors on the winding and in the positioning controller are evaluated directly in the drive and enable optimal utilization of the operating range.