Zirconia – Highly resistant to mechanical stress.

Zirconia is a high-performance industrial ceramic. It is used primarily for applications where traditional metals would fail. Such applications include wear optimization, as well as non-magnetic applications for vacuum and medical applications. Zirconia measures up to these tasks even while meeting high requirements for chemical and thermal stability as well as thermal and electrical insulation.
Characteristics of zirconia:

  • Elasticity modulus of approx. 200 000 N/mm²
  • Flexural strength of >800 N/mm²
  • Coefficient of expansion of 10 • 10-6K-1
  • Hardness >1200 HV


Aluminum oxide – Highly resistant to thermal stress.

Aluminum oxide is frequently used as insulation in electrical devices.
Characteristics of aluminum oxide:

  • High temperature resistance even in fluctuating temperatures
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Average mechanical strength
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High corrosion resistance and chemical stability; largely acid and alkali resistant
  • Good hardness
  • Low specific weight

MIM technology – injection-molded steel.

MIM technology makes it possible to mold massive steel parts with complex shapes on plastic injection molding machines (metal powder in a binder system). The parts can then be sintered at approx. 1300 °C in a sintering furnace before they are ready for use with no or only minimal reworking required.

Advantages of the MIM materials: 

  • Excellent mechanical characteristics, almost identical to cast or rolled steel.
  • Components have a density of 96-98%.
  • Thanks to the closed pores, the components are gas-tight and can be pressurized.
  • High surface quality, little or no reworking required.
  • Very good corrosion resistance.
  • Components can be heat-treated, polished, galvanized, welded, soldered and machined.


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