Manufacturing technology

maxon ceramic use CIM and MIM to develop and manufacture high-precision components customized to the special needs of your application.

1. Powder and binding agent = compound
Extremely fine ceramic or metal powder is mixed with a binding

agent to form a material that is suitable for injection molding.

The mixture is then granulated.

The resulting compound can be processed with the same degrees of freedom as plastic injection molding materials.

2. CIM / MIM procedure
The compound is processed on specially equipped injection molding machines.

The injection-molded parts are called green compacts.

Similar geometries than those achievable with plastic injection molding can be produced.

3. Debindering
Debindering extracts the binder material from the green compact.

Depending on the binder material that is used, this process can be chemical or thermal.

4. Sintering
Next, the debindered part is placed in a furnace for sintering at a temperature of approx.

1300 °C (MIM) to 1500 °C (CIM).

Depending on the material, shrinkage of up to 30% occurs.

5. Reworking
After the sintering, components with high-precision tolerances can be reworked to perfection.

E.g, maxon ceramic has the capabilities to machine MIM components using classic metalworking processes.

Ceramic components can be ground with diamond tools.

Polishing or other surface treatment steps are also possible.

6. Quality Control
A well-designed quality management system and state-of-the-art testing and measuring

technology ensure the high quality of maxon ceramic products and processes.


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