Production start in South Korea.

In January 2013, production of the EC-i 40 brushless DC motors begins at the new maxon motor site in South Korea. The new production site also strengthens the service offering for the entire region of East Asia.

In the same year, Aerosuisse, the umbrella organization for the Swiss aerospace industry, chooses maxon motor ag as the winner of its annual award.

The Heavy Duty motor EC 22 HD, innovation of the year in 2010, is joined by a larger and more powerful version. The new, electronically commutated EC-4pole 32 HD motor has all the features of the award-winning 22 mm motor. It is designed for extremely rough operating conditions, particularly applications in deep drilling. This 480 W powerhouse survives 200 °C, 1000 G, -5000 m, and 1700 bar.